A.C.T.S. Academy

The A.C.T.S. Academy is a program specifically designed to help homeschool students gain a variety of skills and experiences that will be useful in future ministry. The Bible teaches that all believers should be active in ministry and service within their own local church. Our goal is to equip young people with music, speech, drama and hands-on skill, and instill the need and desire to use that ability for the glory of God. The program covers all grades from K-12th and students from nearly 20 churches attend the Academy. Enrollment is open to any family that agrees with our doctrinal position and meets our enrollment requirements.

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Music is a vital part of the Christian walk and we are scripturally commanded to use music to teach and encourage one another in truth. At the Academy each student is involved in one of three choirs. Two concerts are given each year for the students to put forward what they have been learning.  In addition to the choirs, we also have a traveling music team that ministers in local churches, nursing homes, & homeless shelters.
Acting is a wonderful tool to help break down shyness & self-imposed limitations. It gives a person a chance to come outside of themself and make great strides in their personal interaction. We produce two major staged productions each year: one for the Jr. High and one for the Sr. High. Both are high quality, enjoyable productions that are open to the public. It is our goal to use these events to encourage our students in their personal growth and at the same time give them knowledge that they might use in their home churches and places of future ministry.
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Public speaking is an essential skill and far too often it is neglected in school training. We believe that effective speaking is a learned habit rather than a short term crash course. For that reason our students begin addressing audiences at the very earliest ages.  We strive to take each student to their maximum potential so that, when entrusted with teaching biblical truth, their delivery will not hinder the message.
Shop/Home Ec.
Not all ministry is public in nature and some of the most valuable acts of service are behind the scenes and out of the public eye.  We encourage our students to use all of the talents that God has given for benefit of others. We have a fully equipped woodshop where the young men can improve their trade skills & our home ec dept stretches the young ladies in various fields while emphasizing the biblical role of women in the family. Both classes emphasize that whatever the skill, it has usefulness in helping others.